Hello Sam

South Yarra | Burger

FRETARD Design has given Chapel St diner, Hello Sam, a new lease on life with a renovation that turns heads and delights visitors to one of Melbourne’s most famous streets. Benjamin Fretard’s design has elevated a once short-stop burger joint into an inviting space for patrons to extend their stay for dinner, drinks, and socialising within their industrial-cool surroundings.

Hello Sam’s seating design and layout now caters for every kind of guest – bespoke timber booths for privacy and extended-stay comfort; long communal benches for large groups; and street-side or garden seating for fresh air and fun! Each option embodies the unpretentious, industrial mood of the brand with playful pops of yellow and neon lighting offset against the natural timber, steel, and leather.

Designed by:

Benjamin Frétard

Photography by:

James Park