studio modijefsky has divided ramona‘s interior in four areas: the bar, which is located directly by the entrance; a bright eating area further back, with tables placed under large windows overlooking the sunny canal; a separate lounge area with raised black marble tile flooring; and, at the very back of the venue, the kitchen, whose upper part is clad in bright orange paneling. the dutch firm has embraced features of the existing architecture, using them as quirky references in the new design. the sculptural shape of the bar takes the form of the geometrical pattern found in the original stained-glass top windows, and has been built out of beige travertine block, white terrazzo tiles, and different colored bricks


using the building’s structure as guidelines, ramona‘s ceiling is graphically divided into a grid of acoustic panels, framed by linear lightboxes, which emit a diffused warm light, through old fashioned yellow figure glass. the interior combines dark, moody wood tones of smoked oak with brighter shades of lilac, dark red and almost neon orange. contrasting textures are boldly layered on top of one another, such as the wall menu which is written on orange glass and set against yellow linoleum panels. the scale and size of finishes changes between different zones, with gradually smaller patterns leading customers throughout the space.