Between constant chatter, machines humming, and general movement, companies continue to seek ways to reduce noise levels in their offices and while there are plenty of options out there, few are doing it like Belgian brand Buzzispace. They’re always taking a creative route when it comes to acoustical solutions, furniture, and lighting for the workplace and their latest release even goes a step further. They enlisted American designer Cory Grosser who decided to take an organic approach to the age-old noise problem. Instead of looking to textiles for a solution, Grosser turned to nature, more specifically, preserved reindeer moss for a primary material. BuzziMood also takes on the living wall trend but where it differs is that the moss is low-maintenance as it needs no water.


Greenery has proven to increase the happiness and well-being of workers, and BuzziMood, like its name suggests, aims to offer more relaxing environments through its soft, green appearance and fun geometric shapes. Besides being a fresh addition to any office, BuzziMood’s moss naturally absorbs sound helping to produce a more peaceful workspace.

The framed wall panels can be arranged into any configuration with seven geometric shapes available. You can also choose between two moss colors set within the powder coated metal frames.