Occupying a prominent corner spot in Westmount, an upscale neighbourhood in Montréal, Canada, that combines grey stone mansions and quaint townhouses with chic boutiques and spacious parks, RYU Japanese sushi bar opened its doors. Designed by Montréal-based studio Ménard DworkindArchitecture & design with an emphasis on natural materials and hand-crafted furnishings, RYÙ is a contemporary urban eatery underpinned by a Japanese sensibility.
The designers have worked closely with skilled craftsmen in all aspects of the interiors, from the banquette that snakes along the front windows and the cubist swivel chairs lining the bar, to the sleek metal light fittings and the tactile wooden wall panelling. Relying on a selection of natural materials that age gracefully, Ménard Dworkind have managed to create a space of tactile beauty, bridging the gap between aesthetics and functionality.


Source: http://designaddicts.com.au/platform/2018/10/09/japanese-sensibility/